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Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017 & Further Confusion 2018 posted!

The audio recorded at Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017 and at Further Confusion 2018 for the Furrywood: Voice Acting panels has been edited and posted!
For these two conventions, the usual two-character scripts were replaced with a new "audition" format featuring one voice actor reciting lines from a sample audition sheet. Because of the new format, the recordings are quite a bit different, but you can still find them posted here.
For Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017, you can find the recordings here.
For Further Confusion 2018, you can find the recordings here.
The reason all of this is coming so very late is because of a serious life-changing event I had happen late in 2017. I've had to make a lot of adjustments which included moving halfway across the country, and I no longer have the time or resources to continue my Furrywood panels. Hopefully one day I'll be able to return to them, but for now, things are going to be an indefinite hiatus.
I'm still available over email, so you can always reach out for information on your recordings. But until things have readjusted in my life, I won't be doing any more recordings. Thank you for all the years of support!

Posted by Carrizo on Fri, 1 Mar 2019

Megaplex 2017 is posted!

The audio recorded at Megplex 2017 for the Furrywood: Voice Acting panel has been edited and posted! You can find all eleven performances here.
Supremely late, I know, but finally the recordings from Megaplex 2017 are posted! Sadly, things in my schedule got complicated right after Florida. I've since had two more events that I recorded at that need to be edited, both of them complicated processes. First there was the DenFur event, which was a loosely organized gathering of fans of the panel in Denver on the same weekend as the former RMFC. And then most recently, I brought the panel to the brand new Alamo City Furry Invasion in San Antonio, where I adopted a totally new format which is going to require some significant website changes.
Sorry for this being so late! Thank you everyone who attended the voice acting panel at Megaplex, and I hope I get to record you all again! We are now up to 555 performances recorded by 611 voice actors from the fandom! Last time I wondered who #600 would be, and it turned out to be... Ridley! Congrats, Ridley, on being the 600th furry to be recorded for Furrywood: Voice Acting!

Posted by Carrizo on Thu, 26 Oct 2017

Biggest Little Fur Con 2017 is posted!

The audio recorded at Biggest Little Fur Con 2017 for the Furrywood: Voice Acting panel has been edited and posted! You can find all thirteen performances here.
BLFC gets bigger and bigger every year, making 2017's Kaiju theme very fitting. It inspired a huge packet for the convention as well, as I ended up throwing everything onto the page! Along with sixteen scripts including two brand new scenes, I added four My Little Pony-themed scripts from BABSCon and dug up four classic scripts from years past! This made for a whopping twenty-four scripts in total, easily the largest script packet I've ever brought to a con! And probably a few too many for a two-hour panel, to be honest! I may have gone a little Kaiju-crazy myself this year.
In fact, I know I did. Along with my efforts at Voice Acting, to fit in with the theme, I built a Kaiju simulation game for my motion capture panel. With a combination of the Perception Neuron suit and the Unity3D game engine, I was able to slap together a basic simulation for mocap-driven destruction of buildings! It had no sound, no reset button, and was being played inside the Unity editor, but I got such a good response from it, I plan on developing it further. I've recently picked up a website to track my progress on the project, and will be posting it here once it's been set up.
In the meantime, you can check out this incredible video shot by Appledectomy of Tyrnn in suit playing the demo. And yes, he actually put on the mocap suit UNDER his dragon fursuit! I couldn't believe how well it worked!
As for the voice acting panel, it went great! I ditched the headworn microphones for the AT4040s, and once again these microphones captured a truly natural, organic sound I really liked. On top of that, I recorded on my iPad Pro, making for a much smaller, simpler setup, that's honestly very easy to edit in the studio. Returning to the old gear has really made things work well, and I think this will be the secret to making the 4-character scripts work when I'm ready to try that again. Hopefully by next year!
Stats update!
Thank you everyone who attended the voice acting panel at BLFC, and I hope I get to record you all again! We are now up to 544 performances recorded by 595 voice actors from the fandom! Actor #600 is just around the corner! Who will it be??

Posted by Carrizo on Sun, 2 Jul 2017

Furlandia 2017 is posted!

The audio recorded at Furlandia 2017 for the Furrywood: Voice Acting panel has been edited and posted! You can find all seven performances here.
This was Furrywood's return to Portland, and a much anticipated one. It's a long drive from Sonoma County to Northern Oregon, but a gorgeous one. And with lots of sunshine falling on the state, it was a beautiful time to make the drive. On top of that, I was truly fortunate to have an opportunity to meet up with Ryan, a talented editor who once worked for me years ago. We hadn't seen each other in 12 years, but catching up, it was like we'd never lost touch. Even though he's not a furry, he was thrilled at the chance to see what all this business was about. So I got him registered, and he gave me a huge amount of support setting up for my back-to-back voice acting and motion capture panels. On top of it all, he brought his camera and took photos and footage! I haven't gone through it yet, but expect to see some media popping up here soon!
This was a huge bump from last year. I think I only had eight people show up last year, and since my panels were scheduled during the fursuit parade, I wasn't too hopeful I'd do much better. But I sure was wrong! We had a much bigger crowd this year, and some truly stellar performances! And with the exception of one guy who attended last year, everyone who came had never been to a Furrywood panel before! It was great to record so much new talent!
I don't usually get recordings edited and posted so quickly, but with Biggest Little Fur Con right around the corner, I really needed to punch this one out. I'm glad it's done, but now it's right back to work planning for this weekend's script packet. Yikes!
Thank you EVERYONE who attended my panel, thank you to all who let me record your amazing voices, and a huge thanks to the Furlandia staff for giving me the time and space to host these panels! It was a great experience, one I hope to bring to Oregon next year!
Stats update!
We are now up to 531 performances recorded by 583 voice actors from the fandom! If that number of actors seems a bit small, it's because I discovered three names on my voice actor list that were duplicates. Whoops!

Posted by Carrizo on Tue, 30 May 2017

BABSCon 2017 has been posted!

Furrywood has had its first event outside of a furry convention! And what a blast it was! The recordings from the Furrywood: Voice Acting panel at BABSCon 2017 are now posted!
A year ago, after wrapping up my voice acting panel at Biggest Little Fur Con, I was approached by a woman who introduced herself as staff for BABSCon, a brony convention in the San Francisco area. She said she really liked the panel and wondered if I could bring it to her convention. This was the first time I had been asked to go to a con outside the furry fandom, so there was no way I could say no! I agreed and she helped me get on the events schedule.
Trouble is, I didn't know anything about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!! Realizing that my usual furry-themed scripts might not resonate the same way for bronies, I had to come up with MLP-friendly content. So in the weeks before the convention, I started up my Netflix account and began a brutal binge of six entire seasons of the show, watching most of them within two weeks. With only a few days before my panel was scheduled, I forced myself to the computer and began typing up whatever I could. I have a policy against using established characters in my scripts because they already have a voice attached to them and it removes the freedom panel attendees have to find their own voice. So I made up eight new characters based on what I had seen in the show and managed to write nine brand new scenes all in the space of a couple days. Phew!
And it worked! I had a great crew of very talented people show up to my panel. There was a ton of enthusiasm, and a lot of very gifted talents showing up, giving me some outstanding recordings to bring back. Was really happy with everything I got. But even more amazing was the quality of the staff at the con! There were so many people there to help me set up the gear, helping me pass out talent release forms, giving me a huge boost of assistance unlike any I had gotten at a convention before. On top of it all, they were supportive, friendly, just really great people giving me a lot of assistance. Coupled with the enthusiasm and talent in the crowd, it was a terrific experience.
One other point is that I changed the gear setup this time, going backwards a little bit. I was given just an hour with 15 minutes to set up and break down. Also, I wasn't staying at the hotel, so I had to carry all of my gear with me. That convinced me to replace the headworn microphones I've been using for a while to go back to the Audio-Technica AT4040 mics I once used for every recording. Coupled with the incredibly light and portable AirTurn goSTAND mic stands, I was able to make a very portable setup. Using clips to hold up the paper scripts, I didn't need to bring my computer monitors as teleprompters, and because of that, I was able to record the audio using my iPad instead of my laptop. I was able to fit the whole package into one wheeled back, and the sound quality was outstanding! I'd forgotten just how good those AT4040s sound!!
I hope you all enjoy listening to these recordings as much as I had making them. A big thank you to everyone who attended and recorded! And also, thank you for your patience! I usually try to have my recordings done within a week, not the 3 weeks this took. But I had some family obligations to attend to. You know how it goes. :)
And now we're up to 524 recordings performed by 574 actors! Thanks, everyone!

Posted by Carrizo on Sun, 7 May 2017

No future Furrywood appearances are currently scheduled.