From the creator of the Furry Basketball Association

About me

J. Mateo Baker, M.P.S.E.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved furries. Before I even knew what that meant, I was drawn to cartoons, animation, and any characters that blended human an animal attributes. Through most of school, I was just known as that guy who loves cartoon characters, but just before I was about to enter graduate school, I discovered the furry community. It's been quite a ride since.

Carrizo was my very first furry character, made on FurryMUCK in Summer of 1995. Just months away from achieving my dream of going to the University of Southern California's world-renown School of Cinematic Arts, I made my current situation into fantasy and created a kit fox movie producer. As I started to learn the ropes about the fandom and the MUCK, and as I was exposed to the world of film production through my school projects, I eventually created a space where me and my furry friends pretended to shoot movies, with other MUCK players playing as actors for the roles I would create. It was a thrilling time for me, learning how films were being made, than imagining my very movies with my friends online. It's been a personal dream ever since to make those amazing movies we dreamed of reality.

After graduation, I didn't last long working in television post-production, eventually being called back to Northern California to take a job in a field I had never considered-- video games. And I never left. After nearly 16 years in the video game field, I've worked for Sega, Nintendo, and now currently 2K, using the audio editing, video editing and timecode skills I learned at USC on increasingly incredible titles. For that entire duration, only one video game series has been with me since the beginning-- Visual Concepts' NBA 2K series. I had never been a sports fan before in my life. After a year of working on NBA 2K1 for the Sega Dreamcast, I was hooked forever.

Once again, I made my current situation into fantasy. After years of on-and-off participation with the furry fandom, and long after the original Furrywood vanished, I started a new project, the Furry Basketball Association. Started in 2009, I had figured there was no way a sports-related furry project could ever get that big. But boy, was I wrong. When I left the project in 2015, there were more people, more artwork, more participation in that project than I could have imagined.

But my current situation had changed. I had always worked as an audio or video editor in the gaming business, but in 2012, I was given a fresh new opportunity-- working in motion capture. I've never been more excited about my work. Suddenly everything was a new challenge, so many new technologies to learn, and fresh opportunities I had never seen before. And I began to realize that an old dream was suddenly closer-- that one of maybe one day making those movies I had dreamed with my Furrywood friends a reality. By then, I had been running my Voice Acting Workshop panel at furry conventions for over 5 years, already had a stack of recordings and stories ready to go. And now a new technology was opening up to me that allowed quick and easy animation, facial capture, and custom built 3D characters. Without even trying, I had stumbled into being as close to that old dream 20 years ago.

And I can't wait to make that dream a reality.

J. Mateo Baker, M.P.S.E.

No future Furrywood appearances are currently scheduled.