From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Anglerfish: Scene 1

Written by Hunter

The pair have just arrived on their new home, a habitat and lab designated Project Anglerfish, and are talking about their futures. Because Diego is a shark,, he has to live inside an enclosed water environment. or else he would suffocate The pair are inside their shared living quarters where Jose can talk to the young shark through the communication system.
JOSE: 60s, wise fatherly figure and mentor, but does not adapt well to change.
DIEGO: Mid-20s. Bright and technically savvy, but he has an excitable nature.
JOSE: Hola, Mijo. [SOUND OF TAPPING ON A MIC] Heh, it's a big step up from my old boat.
DIEGO: Speak for yourself, carnal, I'm still in a fishtank.
JOSE: Don't look at it that way. You're the first shark on a moon of Jupiter. I've always told you, think positive...
DIEGO: positive. Si, si. So, you finally find out what they want us to do?
JOSE: Si, Mijo. They are fitting me tomorrow for a new dive suit. Then? We go to the bottom of this new ocean and I begin a life's work.
JOSE: Well...
DIEGO: Dios Mio, carnal, just say it already.
JOSE: The doctor, he wants you to work the control pod. He says you are the best with the technology. And I agreed.
DIEGO: I'm a shark, not a damn goldfish. You saying doc flew me all the way out here just to make me stay in a bubble?!
JOSE: No, Mijo, he brought you here because I asked him. Demanded. You know computers, you know these things. These are untested waters. We need someone like you to come back alive!
JOSE: Please Diego, he talks about all these big things... squeaks and pings and pops. I am not a dolphin, just an old man. How will I know what to do without you to keep me straight?
DIEGO: It's still not fa—
JOSE: He will let you play your music when you work.
DIEGO: Any music?
JOSE: Don't push your luck, Mijo.
DIEGO: Allright, I'll do it.

Performance #381
Stevie Maxwell Bjarn


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