From the creator of the Furry Basketball Association

The Chisel: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

DANIELLE: Did you hear what happened to Shalila? I can't believe she was just - stabbed so much in the throat like that. Just so - so grisly.
THOMAS: Danielle, don't talk, your feathers ruffle and I can't get position again.
DANIELLE: Didn't you hear me, Tom? She's *dead*!
THOMAS: I *KNOW*! Now DON'T TALK! - Dammit, maybe I can trim the bill's perimeter.
DANIELLE: [PAUSE] Wait - how do you know? You've been down here all day - it just came on the news an hour ago! There's no radio or TV here!
THOMAS: She TOLD me that's what she wanted! Now STOP TALKING FOR GOD'S SAKE!
DANIELLE: [PAUSE] Her? Who- Who told you that?
THOMAS: [PAUSE] I- I need you to turn slightly towards me. I can't get your wings to catch the light.
DANIELLE: [PAUSE] Thomas, let's stop. I- I don't want this sculpture anymore.
THOMAS: I haven't finished putting the detail on your beak! I've got to finish it TONIGHT! You should know! You won't let me rest until I do!
DANIELLE: [PAUSE] Thomas, please, come with me to the doctor's, okay? We'll get you sorted out. I want my seagull back with me tonight, not down here.
THOMAS: You stupid - I can't stop it halfway! And YOU - You keep telling me to finish it! Why are you always harping at me? You keep MOCKING me! I'M GOING AS FAST AS THIS THING WILL LET ME! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!
THOMAS: DON'T YOU (PAUSE) Don't talk. I'm almost done. *You're* - almost doooonnnnne.

Performance #364
Shatavian Brometheus Bear
Thomas (2)

Performance #375
Feenixfire Showtime Yoshi
Thomas (2)


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