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Coop De Grace: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo

With a full moon above, it's a perfect night for stealing a chicken. Vicky takes the secret route she's dug for herself to get inside, only to find someone waiting for her. Gallo found the hole and learned the name of the fox that's been breaking into the coop, so has spent the night waiting for her to arrive so he could introduce himself.
VICKY: Early 20's, country-style drawl. Rural-born and bred, this young adult vixen hasn't been on her own for very long but is determined to prove her mettle as one of the best chicken thieves in the valley. Quick-thinking and sharp, but can get caught up in herself.
GALLO: Late 20s, Italian accent. Huge and handsome, Gallo can be both deeply charming and extremely intimidating. And he uses that combination to be the suavest, most effective bodyguard he can be. Loves to tease, but always ready to react.
VICKY: Oh! Whoa! Hey there, big guy!
GALLO: Buonasera.
VICKY: Come again?
GALLO: Lovely evening to be out, no? The moon is so clear and bright, it a perfect evening for a midnight stroll, no?
VICKY: What are you doing here?
GALLO: Oh, forgive me! We have not met. My name is Gallo.
VICKY: Gallo, huh? You’re new.
GALLO: Oh, you are quite clever! Si, I just came in from Tuscany.
VICKY: Italy? That’s a long way to come.
GALLO: Si, I am so very far from home. Oh, you have no idea how much my heart longs to go back.
VICKY: Well, what’s stopping you?
GALLO: This coop. It needs me. Something about the hens being taken away by this, ah, vermin.
VICKY: Vermin? Hey, that ain’t nice!
GALLO: Si, it’s terrible. Someone needs to do something about it, yes no?
VICKY: Well, I was meaning—
GALLO: Now, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about this thieving little pest, would you? The one I’d like to get my wings on so I can tear apart limb from limb and make a lovely new nest from its hide?
VICKY: [PAUSE] I don’t know anything about that.
GALLO: Oh, good. Then we can be friends. It’s getting late. Why don’t you get some sleep? Would be a shame if someone were to wake up the hens, wouldn’t it, Vicky?
VICKY: I never told you my name!
GALLO: No, you didn’t. Be good, fox.

Performance #534
DarkLunar Shadow Robbo

Performance #550
Crystal Lazuti


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