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Projects: Defective

In the future, low end jobs have been replaced with either robots, or androids where a more 'personable' interaction is needed. All are mass-produced to ensure no citizen is denied their service. At a 99% success rate, the largest producer of these wonders - Andromorph, LTD - was seated to be the world leader in anthropomorphic androids, with the 1% being swiftly, and some might say brutally, dealt with. But when one of their 'customer service' models - Unit RAE4423 - breaks out of his programming, he is hunted, framed and vilified. It is only when a group of android-rights furs contacts the unit to help them bring the message of equal rights for all humanoids, that he takes the fight to his creators - where the TRUE designs are revealed. Can 'Ray' overcome these odds and give freedom to his fellow androids, or is he doomed to be reprogrammed into a lifetime of servitude again?
Artwork coming soon!

Defective: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws


Male Android Raccoon


Male Pig

RAE4423 (The bio-furs just call him 'Ray') was purchased by the 'Body Boutique' (An implant store for wealthy furs to get communication or other cybernetic enhancements installed) to be the raccoon-face of customer service. When a particularly abusive customer goes too far, Ray's standard programming crashes, only to be replaced with baser instincts of fight and flight.