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Digger: Scene 2

Written by Ursula Vernon

Earlier in the story, Digger met a newly born shadow creature still young and naïve to the world. After misunderstanding Digger's advice about the value of life, he's made trouble for the local hyena tribe. Grim Eyes, their top warrior, offended Digger last they spoke when she insulted her friend, but now the hyena reaches out to the wombat for help in freeing them from the strange shadow creature.
GRIM EYES: Mid-30s, a seasoned tribal warrior. Decisive and impatient, also fiercely loyal to her matriarchal tribe.
DIGGER: A woman as down-to-Earth as they come. Confident but curious, strong-voiced and speaks her mind.
GRIM EYES: Earth-Rat? Earth-Rat!
DIGGER: Grim Eyes?
GRIM EYES: Hsst! Keep your voice down! It’ll hear you!
DIGGER: Listen, Grim Eyes, you saved my life, and I know it cost you your friend, and I’m not ungrateful, but so help me, if you’re going to hurt Ed’s feelings again, you can just turn around and keep on walking—
GRIM EYES: No, no— forget the eaten. It’s not important. You have to call it off!
DIGGER: Whoa, calm down. Call off the what, now?
GRIM EYES: Your demon! The little black thing! It’s driving us insane! Every time we go hunting. Every. Single. Time. We close in on the deer, we’re just about to throw our spears— and the damn thing pops up and starts asking the deer if it can talk!
DIGGER: Oh, no.
GRIM EYES: It’s been doing this for two solid days! We’ve eaten half the stored food in camp! We may have to push back the long feast!
DIGGER: Can’t you hunt something other than deer? You know, moles, bunnies, whatever?
GRIM EYES: It’s not just deer. It’s everything! We can’t get within fifty feet of prey without that thing showing up and interrogating it! Last night it pulled a fish off my line because it thought the flopping might be a form of interpretive dance. This is no way to run a hunter-gatherer society!
DIGGER: Oh, blood and shale, Grim Eyes, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll try to talk to it.
GRIM EYES: I know it listens to you. If we can’t get the long feast together in time—
DIGGER: Okay. Do you know where to find it.
GRIM EYES: That, at least, won’t be a problem.

Performance #528
Jenae Bakke Havoc
Grim Eyes