From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Digger: Scene 4

Written by Ursula Vernon

Stumbling home after being wounded in a battle with thieves, Digger is found by the shadow creature she met a day earlier. Despite seeming young and innocent, the creature killed a bandit in a terrifying display of his strange powers, then ran and hid when the Vieled, a sect of monks, came to help Digger. Still not understanding what Shadow is, her explanations to the Veiled made them conclude he was a demon to be destroyed. But Shadow doesn't know what he is, either.
SHADOW: Only days old, this strange creature was born from a dead bird and has the mind of a child, full of curiosity and confusion. Optimistic, though, he wants the best for those around him, not really understanding when he does bad.
DIGGER: A woman as down-to-Earth as they come. Confident but curious, strong-voiced and speaks her mind.
SHADOW: There is a shadow on your heart.
DIGGER: Is there really? Don’t— don’t eat it, okay?
SHADOW: Okay. It’s not a big one. And it’s fading at the edges.
DIGGER: Do you know why there’s a shadow on me, now?
SHADOW: Sure. That guy. You don’t feel guilty, but you feel guilty. For not feeling guilty. Or something. I dunno. Won’t make half a mouthful, anyway.
DIGGER: You ate that bandit’s shadow, didn’t you?
SHADOW: All his shadows, yes. Some of them were sunk pretty deep.
DIGGER: He died.
SHADOW: That happens.
DIGGER: Why? Does not having a shadow kill someone?
SHADOW: Usually. Live things are bright, and bright things have shadows. But if you get rid of the light, they don’t have the shadows any more. But if you get rid of the shadows first, it just— you know, doesn’t work. It’s not supposed to be like that. It’s just wrong. So they die.
DIGGER: They die from sheer wrongness?
SHADOW: I guess. I don’t know. Maybe not.
DIGGER: You know, just once, I’d like to have a conversation with you that didn’t raise as many questions as it answered. Well, anyway. You saved my life. Again. Thank you.
DIGGER: So why did you run from the Veiled?
SHADOW: Oh, them. I don’t like them. All those gods watching, makes them wiggle too much around the edges. Makes me itch. [PAUSE] And their swords can cut shadows.
DIGGER: We’ve got problems, Shadow. The Veiled think you’re a demon, and it’s at least partly my fault.
SHADOW: They do? I am? Me?
SHADOW: I’m a demon?
SHADOW: I’m a demon!
DIGGER: Uh— hang on.
SHADOW: [SINGING] I’m-a-demon! I’m-a-demon! Woo!
DIGGER: Oh, dear.
SHADOW: Are there other demons? Do they come from dead birds? Can we find them? Will they eat shadows with me?
DIGGER: Shadow, wait— wait— I don’t know if you really are a demon. They just think you are. They thought I was a talking bear. They could be wrong.
SHADOW: Oh. [LONG PAUSE] What’s a demon, anyway?

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