From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

For Equality and Dignity: Scene 2

Written by Lazy Ray Finkle

Anne's brother-in-law, Simon, argues with Anne over her efforts to eduacate Tige. Simon confronts her in the manor library while the vixen puts away the books she used in the day's lessons.
SIMON: It's a lost cause, you know? You can't make a creature go against his nature.
ANNE: Tell me, what does a tobacco baron know about nature?
SIMON: I know what those creatures are capable of. It's nothing personal, they can't help it. They are where they are for a reason.
ANNE: Oh, I know the reason. You make them keep them under your heel so that they can be nothing more than what you want. You make them fight—
SIMON: [INTERRUPTING] You think they don't enjoy it? You think a mutt like him can ever forget the taste of blood?
ANNE: I think all they've known their entire lives is servitude and part of that servitude is pleasing their employers, even if that means being mauled to pieces.
SIMON: What will come from your experiment, hmm? What do you think people will call a monster in gentleman's clothes?
ANNE: They will call him "sir". They will call him professor, captain, doctor, officer, poet laureate or anything he chooses to be called, but I can promise you one thing, Simon. They will not call him "monster" ever again.

Performance #4
Kensterfox Genevive


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