From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

The Fourteeners: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

In this flashback, the cat learns the origins of the tavern's hybrid waitress and the conversation that happened decades ago.
ARTHUR: Pete's sake, Arty, this had better be important. The council must think we're crazy by now.
ARTY: Dad, I'm sorry, I just think, I really think we should schedule this meeting somewhere else.
ARTHUR: What? Whatever for?
ARTY: It doesn't look right, us wolves meeting someplace owned by a fox. We should go someplace run by a pack member.
ARTHUR: Arty! What in the world has gotten into you? Valerie has given us the finest tavern in town, everyone loves it here. No one cares about her being a fox. Why would you even say that?
ARTY: I'm just trying to think about the future, dad. You know, keeping up appearances, being pro- pack, pro-lupine, keeping the wolves together.
ARTHUR: Arty! What is this about?
ARTY: [LONG PAUSE] Valerie's pregnant.
ARTHUR: What? Why, that's wonderful! Why hasn't she told anyone? [LONG PAUSE] You're the next alpha.
ARTY: It was an accident, dad.
ARTHUR: You're the next alpha.
ARTY: She was flirting with me! You know how she does!
ARTHUR: You are the next alpha!
ARTY: I screwed up, dad, I know! I screwed up. But just this once, let me own this mistake! It's my bloodline that's getting ruined.
ARTHUR: Your blood is my blood!
ARTY: Then what can I tell them, dad?
ARTHUR: [PAUSE] The truth.

Performance #338
Cartel Saide Apple Woods

Performance #371
Kjorteo Kalatne Pouncytaur


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