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Projects: The Grandest Illusion

Adapted from the online web comic "At Arm's Length" - the Enchanters are a four-armed long-lived magic-using race from another world. They typically do not involve themselves in mortal affairs, believing themselves 'above' them. However, a handful of ethical young enchanters (only 300 years old!) take it upon themselves to defend Earth in a shadow war against evil magic users and rampant earthbound threats. They do get assistance from other magical beings from time to time, but an upcoming war means they must get help from everyone they can. This includes a stage magician, recently in possession of a top hat and wand with *real* magic, who uses it on stage to give superb performances for the enjoyment of all. Can the Enchanters convince the pacifist performer that his skills are needed in the upcoming battle for the existence of his very realm? Adapted from the web comic "At Arm's Length" by Darkwing Dork, available online at
Artwork coming soon!

The Grandest Illusion: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws


Male Koala


Female Rabbit

Angie has seen Prismo Decatur, or 'Prismo the Magnificent' as the marquee says, in action on stage, doing tricks that would be impossible with normal illusion art. She goes to his dressing room in a two-armed form to convince him that his powers would be needed on the battlefield. Prismo abhors the notion of fighting, despite the obvious risk in Angie revealing her true nature to him in a show of desperate faith.


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