From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Projects: Stars of the Immortal

Based on the wildly successful video game series, Stars of the Immortal follows the adventures of Zack Lightfang, a normal cat turned anthro to protect a magical land. Guided by the stars and his dreams, he must save his new home from dark spirits and the flames of war, whipped by the evil Scourge. The lovely Celine De Lune guides and mentors him through a magical world where an ancient relic offers the only chance for survival.
Artwork coming soon!

Stars of the Immortal: Scene 1

Written by Rainwhisker


Female Lynx


Male Lynx

This scene takes place on a hill overlooking the beach where Celine has been teaching Zack magic. Unwittingly, Celine speaks the same words his mate said before she died.

Stars of the Immortal: Scene 2

Written by Rainwhisker


Male Lynx


Male Evil Spirit

This scene is from the climax of the film when Zack meets Scourge for a final battle at the shores of a magical lake that can give Scourge the power he needs to take over the world.


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