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Stars of the Immortal: Scene 2

Written by Rainwhisker

This scene is from the climax of the film when Zack meets Scourge for a final battle at the shores of a magical lake that can give Scourge the power he needs to take over the world.
ZACK: Scourge! Your crazed plan from the hell you spawned from will not succeed! I will make sure of it!
SCOURGE: You are far too late, Lightfang. The Waters are already within reach. Once I drain them of their power I will live again. I will have the power to take over a new land.
ZACK: You have not changed at all. If it's not using others to do your bidding, it's using force with callous disregard for life.
SCOURGE: What does it matter to you? You've no ties to this land.
ZACK: I was sent here in order to stop the destruction of this land. I will see it through.
SCOURGE: Bah! Still uttering the same nonsense. Your stars do not follow you here.
ZACK: What does it matter to you. Stars or no stars, your very existence threatens everything here. It would be turning my back on my creed to let you go on.
SCOURGE: Your creed! Hah! The very idea. A fallacy that never held any water. Your creed died when you lay bleeding from the claws of your very own son, while I whispered into his ears that the creed dictates that he should follow the stars ­ and the stars decreed that you must die. He followed with no thought!
ZACK: You threatened everything I cared for, and for that you've paid the price in blood. Then, you returned to haunt my child. And now you return to set your sights on another people to bring harm to. By the will of the moon and the stars, I will end you here, Scourge!
SCOURGE: Draw your claws, Lightfang! By night's end, you and all you stand for will be ash!

Performance #1
Tigger Kriana

Performance #13
Stevie Maxwell GlenSkunk


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