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Judgment Bray: Scene 2

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

Harold Killicker went to bed in his estate, and woke up in a slum in the worst part of town. When his head hit the pillow, he was a panda and a judge. Now he's confused and scared that a female donkey is referring to him by a different name, believing he belongs in this hovel. His fear only escalates when he finally looks in a mirror, and discovers it isn't just his location that changed overnight.
JALANA: Late thirties. Mother to the Harris family of donkeys. Unemployed, single mother, trying to make the family survive. Doesn't take guff, doesn't have time for the apparent mental breakdown of her "son".
HAROLD: Early forties. Intolerant of non-panda species, but he usually doesn't let it show except for small defensible barbs, jokes and whatever he can get away with in court. Overbearing, demanding, gruff.
JALANA: Nelson, you awake, boy?
HAROLD: Nnf? [YAWNS] Oh God, what time is it? Is that the sun? Dammit, I'm late for court!
JALANA: What did I say about taking the Lord's name? Not in this house! And what did you do THIS time you gotta drag your tail to court?
HAROLD: Hey - hey this isn't my room! This isn't even my HOUSE! What the hell - who are YOU?
JALANA: Don't you sass your mama, boy! Now get up and get dressed, you gotta take me to the DMV so I can get my license back.
HAROLD: Mama? Wait a minute - you're NOT my mother!
JALANA: What did I just say about sassing me? if I didn't need you to drive me downtown, I'd yank your ears till they got TWO feet long!
HAROLD: You - You are NOT my mother! I don't know where I am! Ugh - why is my head so heavy?
JALANA: Oh - oh I know what it is. You and Cheve out weeding again last night? I told you the cops was going to bust you for just being out there! That why you have to go to court?
HAROLD: Woman, I don't know who you are or what you are doing here or what I'm doing here, but I am leaving! I have fifteen cases to adjudicate today and - wait, where are my clothes?
JALANA: They're on the dresser! I swear you'd lose your tail if it weren't attached.
HAROLD: These aren't my clothes! I never wear ripped T-shirts and jeans anywhere! What are - AAAAAAAAAGH!
JALANA: What?! What is it boy?
HAROLD: My face! My hands! What the hell happened to me?!
JALANA: [BEAT] Are you still on the grass, boy? Ain't nothing wrong with you! Now come on, I gotta be able to drive to get our food stamps! Or do you not wanna eat this week?
HAROLD: Woman, stop calling me a boy! I'm forty years old!
JALANA: Oh no you ain't! That'd make me older than I am and I ain't having it! And I am your MAMA - you will respect that, or I'll slap the grey off you!
HAROLD: This is some kind of joke - some kind of bad dream. It's gotta be! I'm Harold Killicker! I'm a judge in the 5th circuit court, and I'm a panda! I'm a PANDA! Not - not some - some jackass!
JALANA: Nelson William Harris, you may be a donkey and my son, but you do NOT use that term in THIS household! You understand me boy?!
HAROLD: You - you hit me! [BEAT] I felt it. I felt PAIN! This isn't a dream. [MOANS] OH GOD, I'M A DONKEY!
JALANA: Boy, you gonna feel more pain than that if you don't get your hooves in gear and drive me to the DMV!
HAROLD: No - no this is all wrong! I gotta get out of here!
JALANA: [YELLING] NELSON!! YOU FORGOT YOUR CLOTHES! [BEAT] That jackass's gonna be the death of me, Lord I swear!

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