From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Projects: Joker to the Thief

Smoke rises on the horizon. Two ships burn. Bodies float everywhere... It's almost a bad haiku. Three months later, a high-tech, high-budget, and really overkill motorcade screeches through the night-time streets of Los Angeles. Only one hard- nosed and bitter old cop takes note, and woe unto whoever the poor sap is on whom he'll dish out some good old-fashioned law. Elsewhere, meanwhile, a cruel and conflicted mother commits the gravest of sins and sets in motion a chain of events that stretches from her now-deceased abusive husband to the very end of her life. We meet other survivors of the disaster that befell Marnatha City three years earlier and find that the City touches different people in different ways... But it's always a bad touch. Adapted from the third volume of the Ursa Major Award-winning adult anthropomorphic thriller Heathen City, written by Alex Vance and illustrated by an international team of artists.
Artwork coming soon!

Joker to the Thief: Scene 1

Written by Alex Vance


Female Mouse


Male Dalmatian

After a massive collision between two boats, the local coast guard has had to deal with more corpses than the seaside town was prepared for. But when the local school assembly hall is used as a makeshift morgue, one ambitious young Dalmatian sees a perfect chance to help his goth friends see some real darkness.


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