From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Lean On Me: Scene 1

Written by Whyte Yoté

LEN: Special operations field agent, early 30s. Quick to anger, passionate about his missions. Would do anything for his team. Israeli, could have a soft accent.
BILL: Pour me another, buddy. I got nowhere to be but here, and you always store the good stuff.
LEN: You're making me awkward, you know. You're two drinks up on me. Maybe let me catch up?
BILL: You always were the slow one, ya doge. Much tee- total. Wow.
LEN: That's a stereotype and you know it.
BILL: Good man! Fill up and hand em over. [PAUSE] Aw, yeah. Where's the wifey this fine evening?
LEN: Upstate, visiting her mother. We know where yours is, of course.
BILL: Fussing over our boys at my house for the night. Glad she's keepin' busy. [PAUSE] Yeah, she's real busy. All the time.
LEN: Have you talked to her about spending more time together?
BILL: Sure, I've tried. She's always got somethin'. How many headaches can a woman get, Lenny? Huh?
LEN: Dunno. I couldn't tell you.
BILL: Man's got needs. Why do you think I'm here, anyway?
LEN: Bill. I think you've had one too many.
BILL: We grew up together. Best buds gotta stick together, right? Right?
LEN: Right. But you don't know what you're asking.
BILL: Took me four whiskeys to get this far, Lenny. Don't tell me I wasted 'em. I just don't want to feel like this anymore. Can I count on ya just this once?
LEN: What are friends for?

Performance #284
Masquerade Ja.Nathun
Len (2)

Performance #291
Whyte Yoté Tym Greene
Len (2)


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