From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Projects: MLP: Flood

The Equestria winter turns a surprising direction when mild temperatures bring months of heavy rainfall. With the rain causing floods all around the empire, friendship is tested as every pony has to call on each other to make it through.
Artwork coming soon!

MLP: Flood: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo


Female MLP Pony


Female MLP Pony

The floods are damaging whole parts of Ponyville, and Candlelight is taking charge, trying to help as many ponies as she can. When her friend Whispermist calls for her, she comes right away, but finds the cries were over something she can't really prioritize right now.

MLP: Flood: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo


Female MLP Pony


Female MLP Pony

The floods have hit north of Sweet Apple Acres hard, especially Neigh-Pa farms where a mudslide destroys their cider press. Cotroti remembers what Whinnyessa did to her apple order and comes by to gloat, but also to make a bargain with her.


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