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MLP: Flood: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo

The floods are damaging whole parts of Ponyville, and Candlelight is taking charge, trying to help as many ponies as she can. When her friend Whispermist calls for her, she comes right away, but finds the cries were over something she can't really prioritize right now.
CANDLELIGHT: Based on the MLP character Twilight Sparkle. A bookish pony with a love of learning and reading, but also fiercely devoted to her friends. But not so much she would let them abuse her magical powers for unreasonable requests.
WHISPERMIST: Based on the MLP character Fluttershy. Quite and gentle, but very supportive of her friends. Also very passionate about her garden. Would do anything to protect pretty flowers.
CANDLELIGHT: Whispermist! I came as fast as I could. Are you all right?
WHISPERMIST: Oh, Candlelight! I’m so glad you’re here. The water is rising so quickly! My garden is in trouble.
WHISPERMIST: I have sandbags from the Ponyville Community Center. It’s holding back the water for now, but it just keeps rising. Oh, Candlelight! I don’t know what I’ll do if it gets too high!
CANDLELIGHT: We’re talking about your garden, right? Plants?
WHISPERMIST: Not just any plants, Candlelight. These are Ponyville Gilded Poppies. They’re so beautiful and delicate. We have to keep them safe.
CANDLELIGHT: Whispermist, there are ponies throughout Ponyville who might lose their homes! I have to prioritize—
WHISPERMIST: Please, Candlelight! The poppies can’t protect themselves!
CANDLELIGHT: Fine! What do you need? More sandbags?
WHISPERMIST: That will help, but the water’s still rising. Can you use your magic to save them?
CANDLELIGHT: My magic? No, Whispermist, my magic is for saving ponies. I’m not going to waste it on a bunch of—
WHISPERMIST: It’s not wasting! It’s giving hope to beautiful, sweet poppies who need all the help we can give them! Can’t you see how frightened they are by all this rain?
WHISPERMIST: Well, trust me, they’re terrified.
CANDLELIGHT: Right. I’ll get you more sandbags.
WHISPERMIST: Thank you, Candlelight! Don’t worry, little poppies, I won’t leave you. I’ll keep you all safe.

Performance #517
Grand Hart Cloud Dancer


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