From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

MLP: Flood: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

The floods have hit north of Sweet Apple Acres hard, especially Neigh-Pa farms where a mudslide destroys their cider press. Cotroti remembers what Whinnyessa did to her apple order and comes by to gloat, but also to make a bargain with her.
WHINNYESSA: Based on the MLP character Rarity. Vain and stuck up, willing to be underhanded in dealing with her competitors at Sonomare Farms. Insists on keeping up her own farm's appearance.
COTROTI: Based on the MLP character Rainbow Dash. Splits her time between brewing beverages at Sonomare Farms and attending races at Infillyon Raceway, Cotroti is passionate about everything she does.
WHINNYESSA: Oh no! No! No! No! Not my cider press!
COTROTI: You know, there’s a word for this sort of thing.
COTROTI: Karma! You ruined my apple order, Whinnyessa!
WHINNYESSA: What? How in Equestria could you make such an accusation? Did you hit your head flying here in the rain?
COTROTI: No. I found these.
WHINNYESSA: Oh! How revolting! Get those out of my face!
COTROTI: You put apple worms in the cart, didn’t you? It’s the only way they could have rotted that fast!
WHINNYESSA: Well, maybe they fell in crossing between our farms.
COTROTI: Gravenstein would have seen that. You know you did it, Whinnyessa. Admit it!
WHINNYESSA: Oh, fine! If you’re going to be so insistent. Yes, I put apple worms in the cart. But no one wants Sonomare cider anyway, not when they can have delicious Neigh-pa cider.
COTROTI: Funny. Looks like they’re not getting that, either.
WHINNYESSA: Oh, my cider press! This flooding is just awful! This could take weeks to repair!
COTROTI: Yeah, well, I actually came over to make a deal with you, Whinnyessa.
WHINNYESSA: A deal? After you accuse me of something— that I actually did.
COTROTI: Yeah. My cider press is fine. But I’ve got no apples. So, if you give me yours, I’ll press them, and then we split the profits.
WHINNYESSA: Eighty-twenty?
COTROTI: Fifty-fifty!
WHINNYESSA: Oh, where’s the profit in that? Fine.

Performance #519
Auvenil Compass Rose


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