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Projects: MLP: Rent

San Franciscolt is the hottest city in Equestria, going through a massive boom. It's bringing ponies from all around the empire, but as they crowd on the city's penninsula, rental prices are going through the roof.
Artwork coming soon!

MLP: Rent: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo


Female MLP Pony


Female MLP Pony

The floods have destroyed Gravenstein's home, forcing her to find someplace else to stay until it can be rebuilt. Thankfully, Candlelight has been trying to find a roommate for her San Franciscolt apartment. But Gravenstein soon learns that rental costs are a little different here than in Sweet Apple Orchard.

MLP: Rent: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo


Male MLP Dragon

Flea Flicker

Female MLP Pony

Flea Flicker has gone to Plan B. Move to another city so she can be super mega fans with another hoofball team. San Franciscolt has a great hoofball team, so she's determined to move there. She soon learns it's a bit more expensive than Ponyville. But that won't slow her enthusiasm!


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