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MLP: Rent: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo

The floods have destroyed Gravenstein's home, forcing her to find someplace else to stay until it can be rebuilt. Thankfully, Candlelight has been trying to find a roommate for her San Franciscolt apartment. But Gravenstein soon learns that rental costs are a little different here than in Sweet Apple Orchard.
CANDLELIGHT: Based on the MLP character Twilight Sparkle. A bookish pony with a love of learning and reading, but also fiercely devoted to her friends. But not so much she would let them abuse her magical powers for unreasonable requests.
GRAVENSTEIN: Based on the MLP character Applejack. Not an Apple herself, but an employee of Sweet Apple Acres. Shares a lot of the Apple family values, including their drawl.
CANDLELIGHT: I’m really sorry to hear what happened to your house, Gravenstein.
GRAVENSTEIN: Oh, it’s all right, Candlelight. Who could have seen all this rain coming?
CANDLELIGHT: Isn’t that the truth! Well, you can stay with me as long as you like. And for as unfortunate as this is, it’s really good timing for me! Splitting the rent will be a huge help to me!
GRAVENSTEIN: Oh, well, I always pay my debts! Glad some help can come out of all this.
CANDLELIGHT: Me, too! Well, here we are!
GRAVENSTEIN: Wait. This is it?
CANDLELIGHT: It sure is!
GRAVENSTEIN: Uh. So, no guest room, huh? Or bedroom, for that matter.
CANDLELIGHT: I think if we move the couch a bit, we can make that corner work.
GRAVENSTEIN: Candlelight, you told me you had an apartment! This ain’t even a tool shed!
CANDLELIGHT: Yeah, it’s going to be a little snug, but we’re friends! It’s going to work out great, right?
GRAVENSTEIN: Well, reckon it’ll be cheap. What’s my split on this?
CANDLELIGHT: Two thousand bits.
GRAVENSTEIN: I must have gotten some straw in my ears. Could you run that by me again?
CANDLELIGHT: Two thousand bits. For the month.
GRAVENSTEIN: So. One thousand each after the split?
CANDLELIGHT: No. Two thousand is the split.
GRAVENSTEIN: You’re telling me this puny little greenhouse costs you four thousand bits a month?
CANDLELIGHT: Yeah. Heh. Welcome to San Franciscolt.

Performance #520
Vanilla Daze Lemon Farts


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