From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

MLP: Rent: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

Flea Flicker has gone to Plan B. Move to another city so she can be super mega fans with another hoofball team. San Franciscolt has a great hoofball team, so she's determined to move there. She soon learns it's a bit more expensive than Ponyville. But that won't slow her enthusiasm!
PIERCE: Based on the MLP character Spike. A dutiful salesdragon always ready to help a pony find a new home in San Franciscolt, even though he's painfully aware of how outrageous the prices have become. Not proud of it at all.
FLEA FLICKER: Based on the MLP character Pinkie Pie. A sports nut that's even nuttier than most sports nut, Flea Flicker would do anything for hoofball. Build a stadium in a day, move to the most expensive city to root for their team, and that's just getting started.
PIERCE: Good morning! Can I help you?
FLEA FLICKER: You sure can! I’m moving!
PIERCE: Moving to San Franciscolt? That’s wonderful! You’re going to love living here. And you’re in luck! I have a few units still open.
FLEA FLICKER: That’s great! So, I was thinking something on the top floor. Overlooking the whole city. With a big giant patio so I can run out every morning, feel the sun on my face and with a big smile tell the whole city how much I love living in San Franciscolt!
PIERCE: Wow! Yeah, that sounds great! I’ve got one unit on the top floor. Here’s the details.
FLEA FLICKER: Hmmm. Hmmmm! New furnishings. Granite countertops. No smoking. Forty thousand bits. Oh! Heehee! Silly! I’m not looking to buy, just rent!
PIERCE: That is the rental price.
FLEA FLICKER: No, this number is too large.
PIERCE: Yeah, I know. That’s the monthly rate.
FLEA FLICKER: But that’s crazy! No one can afford that! Okay, okay. How about a small balcony. Halfway up. Where I can wake up and tell everyone on the block how much I love living in San Franciscolt?
PIERCE: Oh, sure, we have something mid-level. That’s fifteen thousand bits a month.
FLEA FLICKER: I kind of feel like you’re making up these numbers.
PIERCE: I kind of wish I were.
FLEA FLICKER: Okay, then how about something street level. No balcony. Bars on the windows. So I can wake up and tell the smelly homeless mule outside how much I love living in San Franciscolt?
PIERCE: Three thousand bits.
FLEA FLICKER: Hmmm. Does it come with the smelly homeless mule?
PIERCE: Several.
FLEA FLICKER: I’ll take it!

Performance #521
Ian Gonzer Turnpike
Flea Flicker

Performance #524
Justice Chaser A DumBlank Flank
Flea Flicker


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