From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

MLP: Sports: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo

The decision has been made to move the Brayers to Las Pegasus, sending Flea Flicker into fits. Whispermist has a job doing clerical work at Brayers Stadium, so Flea Flicker begs her to speak to the team owner Mark Gelding, even though she's not really certainly what hoofball is about.
WHISPERMIST: Based on the MLP character Fluttershy. Quite and gentle, but very supportive of her friends. Also very passionate about her garden. Would do anything to protect pretty flowers.
MARK GELDING: A businessman through and through, impatient, brash, insanely wealthy. He gets things done his way no matter what.
WHISPERMIST: Oh, excuse me, Mr. Gelding. You don’t know me, but I was hoping—
MARK GELDING: Listen, I have an important meeting coming up. If you could please just get to the point.
WHISPERMIST: Oh. Of course, Mr. Gelding. I’m very sorry. I certainly don’t want to waste your time.
MARK GELDING: Yeah. Little late for that.
WHISPERMIST: You see, my friend Flea Flicker, he’s a huge fan of the Ponyville Brayers.
MARK GELDING: Everyone is, kid.
WHISPERMIST: Which is why he really, really wants you to reconsider moving the team to Las Pegasus. It would really make him sad. And he doesn’t handle being sad very well.
MARK GELDING: And finally, the point. Listen, Miss?
WHISPERMIST: Whispermist.
MARK GELDING: Whispermist. Ponyville has been a great home for the Brayers, and as an organization, we are proud to have represented the city in the EFL.
WHISPERMIST: Oh, and we’re so proud to have you here! So, does that mean you’ll stay?
MARK GELDING: Certain conditions in the Ponyville media market have made this location untenable necessitating a relocation of the Brayers.
WHISPERMIST: Untenable? But how? What does that mean?
MARK GELDING: It means Las Pegasus is buying us a new stadium. I need to go. Thank you for being a fan!

Performance #522
Gin (2) Lenester
Mark Gelding


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