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MLP: Sports: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

Whispermist has bad news for Flea Flicker. Mark Gelding is still moving the team. But leave it to Flea Flicker to think up a way to save her favorite team from leaving town, no matter how crazy it is.
FLEA FLICKER: Based on the MLP character Pinkie Pie. A sports nut that's even nuttier than most sports nut, Flea Flicker would do anything for hoofball. Build a stadium in a day, move to the most expensive city to root for their team, and that's just getting started.
WHISPERMIST: Based on the MLP character Fluttershy. Quite and gentle, but very supportive of her friends. Also very passionate about her garden. Would do anything to protect pretty flowers.
FLEA FLICKER: So? What did he say?
WHISPERMIST: It’s not very good news.
FLEA FLICKER: No! Nooooo! I hate news that isn’t very, very good!
WHISPERMIST: Oh, I know. I asked him if he would let the Brayers stay. But he insisted that Ponyville had become untenable.
FLEA FLICKER: Untenable? What does that mean?
WHISPERMIST: I’m not sure. But it has something to do with stadiums.
FLEA FLICKER: Stadiums? Stadiums! Of course! Why didn’t I think of it before? It’s so simple!
WHISPERMIST: What is, Flea Flicker?
FLEA FLICKER: Ponyville needs a new stadium! If we build one, the Brayers are sure to stay in town!
WHISPERMIST: Oh, yes, I think that would work. Oh, but how do we get a new stadium for Ponyville?
FLEA FLICKER: Do you know anyone selling one?
WHISPERMIST: Oh. No, I’m pretty sure they’re too big to sell.
FLEA FLICKER: Shipping costs, huh? Well, then, we’ll just have to take matters into our own hooves. We’ll make our own stadium!
WHISPERMIST: Make one? Oh, but that’s going to take a lot of time. And money.
FLEA FLICKER: Whispermist?
WHISPERMIST: Yes, Flea Flicker?
FLEA FLICKER: Hold my cider.

Performance #518
Juliette Erhannis
Flea Flicker

Performance #523
Dominic Hacker Heather Henry
Flea Flicker


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