From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Projects: Taking the Mulligan

An aging, failing FGA (Furry Golf Association) golfer wishes to pursue a playboy social life in between his last few tours, but there's one problem. He's married to an overly loving, doting wife. Not to worry - he has a plan! Rewrite his will to make his best friend a beneficiary, and fake his own death with his help. The problem? The golfer is as unlucky at fraud as he is on the front nine. Whatever can go wrong with his plans, do so in the most spectacular way. Guess that's just 'par for the course'!
Artwork coming soon!

Taking the Mulligan: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws


Male Golden Retriever


Male Albatross

Philip and Harmon are alone on a course practicing for an upcoming minor golf tour. While on the course, Philip presents his plan and presses his friend to assist.

Taking the Mulligan: Scene 2

Written by Tazel Sixpaws


Male Albatross

Officer (2)

Male Puma

Philip and Harmon, the albatross' best friend, have procured a 'body' from a nearby cemertery to use as proof of Philip's staged death. Right before they get to the staging area, their argument in the car makes Philip drive through a red light and swerve to avoid a stopped school bus. An officer pulls him over, and Philip believes he can talk his way out of trouble, much to his dismay.


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