From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Pride Goeth Before You Fall: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

Hampton Brown, the wolf sheriff of Stapleton, has had Tyler Jameson, the jackal councillor who had the argument with Gregory two nights before, come in to his office for a 'friendly chat' concerning the murder.
HAMPTON: Late thirties. Slow and deliberate, southern comfort style, but has a keen mind. Loves to surprise people who assume otherwise.
TYLER (2): Early thirties. Transplant from Atlanta, a bit more urban. More uppity, dislikes the 'slowness' of the town.
HAMPTON: Afternoon, Ty. Have a seat.
TYLER (2): I’ve got a chair by my phone, sheriff. I’d rather sit there.
HAMPTON: Now, don't get your hackles up in a bind - I’m meeting everyone muzzle to muzzle. Y'want some lemonade?
TYLER (2): I’ll take it to go.
HAMPTON: Now don’t you be rushing things, Ty. Stay a spell. Going to take time sifting through all them folks wanted to see our beloved mayor's hide on their floor.
TYLER (2): You think I killed him?
HAMPTON: Y'had a mighty big to do at the council meeting with him. Care t' tell me about it?
TYLER (2): Bastard was rezoning the voting districts. Told me to look for another job. Son of a bitch was HAPPY about it!
HAMPTON: Figure that got you seein' red, didn't it?
TYLER (2): Listen to me, you hick - I did not kill him. Okay? I wanted to. I wanted to take my claws to his throat and dig 'em in tight! But someone beat me to it. God bless 'em.
HAMPTON: Murder's the devil's work, Ty. No need to bring the Good Lord into this.
TYLER (2): Nothing says the devil can't do a good deed now and then, right, sheriff?

Performance #392
Darkfur Marlfox Blue-Paw
Tyler (2)


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