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Pride Goeth Before You Fall: Scene 2

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

Sandra Gassoula (maiden name Hanson) is one of Gregory's pride of wives - almost the youngest, and certainly the most manipulative of the bunch. She wields her charm and sexuality like a lethal weapon, cutting down the resistance of males to get what she wants. Previously, she was very intent on serving divorce papers to the mayor, in an attempt to wiggle out of the prenupital agreement and score some of his wealth with her freedom. The savage death of the mayor meant she no longer needed to file for divorce, and fearing that would make her too much of a suspect, has come to the office of Mr. Cameron Deets, a sergal acting as town clerk, and a soft spot for the lascivious lioness.
SANDRA: Early Twenties. One of Gassoula's wives. Southern Belle, and a master manipulator of the opposite sex. One of many key suspects in the murder.
CAMERON: Late Twenties. The town clerk. Has the hots for Sandra, and would do anything to rescue her from the predicament she is in. Within reason. Mostly.
SANDRA: Yoo hoo, Cameron, dear! Got a minute for me, sugar?
CAMERON: M-Missus Gassoula? What are you doing at the records office?
SANDRA: MISS, honey. Ah ain't hitched no more. Got somewhere privatelike we can talk?
CAMERON: Oh! Oh, of course. Um... the utility closet is private. And lockable.
SANDRA: Oof! Well, ah admit, it's cozy! Now, ah'm wanting to talk to you 'bout last couple o' weeks.
CAMERON: O'course, ma'am. Did you still want the copy of the divorce proceedin's?
SANDRA: Actually, honeybunch, I'd be most grateful if y'just threw them away for me.
CAMERON: What? But you were hell bent to start serving papers last week!
SANDRA: And now I don' need to, sugarpie. Why go through all that court nonsense when someone was so kind to 'serve' him for me?
CAMERON: But - but the sheriff was askin' for all documents of all o' Gregory's wives, includin' you!
SANDRA: Maybe this'll help y' decide.
SANDRA: S'more where that came from, my sweet sergal, if'n you take that lighter of yours to those papers!
CAMERON: Oh yes, ma'am! I'll get rid of them tomorrow.
SANDRA: TONIGHT, sweetie. While it's fresh in y'mind.
CAMERON: Uh, of course! T-tonight.
SANDRA: That's better, sugar. Then maybe tomorrow we can come back to this closet and talk less 'bout business, and more 'bout - other things?

Performance #401
Nezera Arcanis Senpai

Performance #403
Whyte Yoté Tym Greene


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