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Projects: Paved with Bad Intentions

It is the year 1991, and the villainous, blood-thirsty sadist Tony Caulfield, who pursued our heroes across the globe in the first volume, is only eleven years old, and not a monster. Not yet. Four stories, where psychological horror butts heads with raucous comedy and savage erotica, four stories that unearth the grotesque roots of the mystery that is Maranatha.
Illustrated by Rhandi Fisher
Illustrated by Rhandi Fisher

Paved with Bad Intentions: Scene 1

Written by Alex Vance


Male Doberman


Male Cougar

Once when Tony was reading his books on the top ledge of the barn, he found Puck, his family's groundskeeper, with a male prostitute. Instead of turning the doberman in, Puck convinced the young cougar to accept a promise of a future favour. Tony's father Troy has become an angry, violent drunk ever since losing his career, and when one night he beats his wife and child for trying to escape into the night, young Tony finally knows what he wants from the the secret-harboring groundskeeper.