From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Shellback: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo

SAM: Strong Texan accent, big-voiced, likes to talk, proud and assertive. Uses bluster to hide himself.
MURPHY: Australian accent, young enough to be naive, but weathered by the dangers of the outback. Has an honesty streak that he knows is a weakness.
SAM: Much obliged for the help, padre.
MURPHY: No worries. You from the States?
SAM: Better than that. Texas. Look at this mess! Them oversized jumping rats take off?
MURPHY: The important part of them did.
SAM: [PAUSE] That's a good one! Got that coyote sense of humor, don't ya? Guess I owe them one prayer. Did have the sense to keep me curled up in here.
MURPHY: What are you looking for?
SAM: My rifle. Never did see where those rats put it, but no way they threw it away, I know that.
MURPHY: You mean this rifle?
SAM: That's her! Looks like I owe you another thanks.
MURPHY: Hold on. Only thing in that wreck is smoke and dead boomers. This here's the only treasure I pulled out of this heap.
SAM: I'm sorry about that, padre, but that there's my property. Be much obliged if you gave it back.
MURPHY: You're saying this is yours? Prove it.
SAM: Oh. Little Texas Hold 'Em, is it? Hell, I don't need to see the flop. Serial number's behind the trigger. 190532. Got a little scoop on the right side of the chamber. That's a little mod of my own. Gets the round in faster. Black tar stain on the opposite side, shaped like Oklahoma. Hate that thing. And right on top, silver badge with the initials SB.
MURPHY: Huh. It's a fair cop. What's SB stand for?
SAM: Well, that's her name. Shellback.

Performance #283
Hunter (Garret) StandardDeviant

Performance #297
Treyn Daz

Performance #348
Ridley Arp Taladrian Kairn


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