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Shellback: Scene 3

Written by Carrizo

Sam and Murphy make it out of another kangaroo trap alive by the skin of their teeth. But while the two are unharmed, their relationship take a near fatal blow. Just before they escaped, one of the boomers expressed shock to Murphy when he found out the dingo was helping Sam get away. "Don't you know what we brought him here for?" the roo asked before they fled, leaving Murphy with the nagging feeling Sam isn't the hero he thought. Shortly before the pair met, a dingo chief named Benny was mysteriously killed while standing in his fortified compound. Murphy never knew who killed the deeply loved leader, but he may have found out.
SAM: Strong Texan accent, big-voiced, likes to talk, proud and assertive. Uses bluster to hide himself.
MURPHY: Australian accent, young enough to be naive, but weathered by the dangers of the outback. Has an honesty streak that he knows is a weakness.
SAM: Like two gnats in a hailstorm, ain’t we, partner? What was that thing you called me? Turtle-rabbit? Better add “cat”! Reckon we got lives to spare!
MURPHY: What did that boomer mean?
SAM: What the what now?
MURPHY: That boomer, what he said, what did he mean by that?
SAM: Oh, hell if I know. Reckon still can’t understand half the things y’all saying, anyway.
SAM: Hey, hey, now!
MURPHY: You’ll understand this.
SAM: Now, hold on, Murphy! Put the gun down, will you?
MURPHY: Not until you talk. Why did they bring you here?
SAM: [PAUSE] Come on, kid. You’ve seen what I do. Reckon you got to have it figured out by now.
MURPHY: [PAUSE] You’re the one who killed Benny.
SAM: I don’t know who I killed. All I know is when I had to get out of Texas right quick, these oversized jumping rats showed up with plane tickets. Just had to pull my trigger one last time.
MURPHY: Why did you do it? Do you have any idea who Benny was?
SAM: No, no, I don’t. I told them not to tell me nothing about him. I just aimed and shot like they paid for.
MURPHY: Paid for. Taking a dingo’s life is just some job to you?
SAM: Ain’t much call for snipers in retail, Murphy.
MURPHY: I thought you were military. Like, special forces or something.
SAM: Do I look like special forces to you?
MURPHY: No. You look like a bloody paid killer. [PAUSE] And you let me help you!
SAM: Murphy, please! That’s because I needed your help. Them rats turned on me as soon as that dog was cold.
MURPHY: Then maybe I should hand you back to them.
SAM: And they’d turn right back on you! [PAUSE] Look, I misled you, I know. I deserve your hate. But we got bigger problems right now, like getting out of this mess alive.
MURPHY: Alive, you say. With a dingo-killer. How do I know you won’t shoot me in the back the first moment we’re safe?
SAM: That one’s easy, partner. I know you. Couldn’t kill you if I tried.

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Remy Rat Uber Bluedragon

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