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Shellback: Scene 4

Written by Carrizo

Sam and Murphy were in the perfect position to ambush Big Harry, the leader of the kangaroo gang chasing them. It would have been an easy shot for Sam using Shellback, his trusty rifle. But he didn't take the shot. When Murphy confronts him about it, Sam is forced to reveal something more about himself and his relationship with the kangaroos. But he finally airs out his suspicions about Murphy from the start.
MURPHY: Australian accent, young enough to be naive, but weathered by the dangers of the outback. Has an honesty streak that he knows is a weakness.
SAM: Strong Texan accent, big-voiced, likes to talk, proud and assertive. Uses bluster to hide himself.
MURPHY: Sam! Sam, what happened?
SAM: I don’t know.
MURPHY: Did the rifle jam? I oiled it like you showed me. I tested it at least a dozen times. It was aces.
SAM: Shellback didn’t jam! [LONG PAUSE] I did.
MURPHY: What? That was our chance, Sam. The whole gang would have run if you’d shot Big Harry.
SAM: I told you! I don’t shoot folks I know.
MURPHY: Even a boomer who wants to crack your shell and flay my hide? So what if you know his name? We’re trying to get out of this bloody mess alive, you dung beetle!
SAM: He’s got a kid! [PAUSE] Little girl. Same age as my own. I kill him, I turn her into an orphan. She ain’t got a momma like mine does. I can’t do that to a kid.
MURPHY: [LONG PAUSE] Sam. How do you know that?
SAM: [LONG PAUSE] Goddammit, Murphy.
MURPHY: Tell me.
SAM: Because he worked for me. [PAUSE] Oh, come on! You think he found me in the yellow pages? I trained him back in Texas. One of the best shooters I ever had. That’s why I trusted him when he offered to get me out of the States. And why he knew I’d do it.
MURPHY: You rooted little runt. I gave you a fair go after Benny, but now this? First you were a hired gun, now you’re besties with that monster! How many lies you got stuffed under that shell of yours, you oversized pill bug!
SAM: Oh, you want to clear the air, you dime store coyote? Fine! How about you tell me why you showed up so quick after that truck crashed? Couldn’t have been in there for five minutes. You just that lucky a cur?
MURPHY: What are you trying to say?
SAM: I’m saying maybe there’s a good reason you’ve been sticking by my side. Reckon makes a lot more sense if they were after you before we met.
MURPHY: You brought this on yourself, Yank.
SAM: How many other roos you put six feet under?
MURPHY: Piss off!
SAM: I know you killed two! That wasn’t the first ditch you dug, was it? Was it?
MURPHY: [LONG PAUSE] How did she die?
SAM: What? Who are you talking about, Murphy?
MURPHY: Harry’s mate! You said she was dead. How?
SAM: I don’t know. Some car accident or something. [LONG PAUSE] Oh, no. No. No! Son of a bitch!
SAM: How does land so flat twist a man so much?
MURPHY: Welcome to the Outback, Yank.
SAM: I told you, I ain’t a Yank. I’m a Texan.

Performance #515
Chris Greger

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Uber Bluedragon Vrika Wolf

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Uber Bluedragon Ferlin