From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

Sleepy Hollow: Scene 1

Written by Trivol McKenley

Frustrated with his treatment shortly after arriving in the 21st Century, Ichabod sneaks away from Scott to experience the era on his own. Scott's fear at losing Ichabod is short-lived as it's hard to miss the old-timey raccoon. And after getting a chance to see the world around him, Ichabod is finally ready to explain his plan to Scott.
SCOTT: Jersey accent. Tends to not thoroughly say words. Very loose in speaking.
ICHABOD: British-like. Noble. Rational and intelligent.
SCOTT: Yo, Ichabod. Taking in the sites?
ICHABOD: Quite, Scott. Not used to seeing this machine called a "car". Where are the carriages?
SCOTT: Welcome to the 21st century, sport. We moved on from the ancient ways to simplifying our lives with technology.
ICHABOD: Wonderful. I get killed on the battlefield during the American Revolution. What’s next?
SCOTT: Learning how to work a smartphone? Heh.
ICHABOD: What IS a smartphone?
SCOTT: Small gadgets with giant screens, where you push everything with yer finger. It IS the 21st century.
ICHABOD: Great. I tell people I’m from the American Revolution and they laugh and don’t believe me.
SCOTT: Take it easy. I’m the only person who believes your story and that you came from the American Revolution. Also, I saw the Headless Horseman with my own eyes.
ICHABOD: If we're going to stop him, we need a book.
SCOTT: What book?
ICHABOD: One of the early fathers gave it to me as a guide. [PAUSE] Curses. We have to go back to where you found me.
SCOTT: Slow down, raccoon. What’s so important about this book?
ICHABOD: Specifically, it’s a tome foretelling future events and recorded history. Also, this book also contains relics on how to banish Logram from launching a war in Sleepy Hollow.
SCOTT: Relics? Like stuff from the days of old?
ICHABOD: Yes. You will need my assistance to decipher the hidden messages in the book.
SCOTT: Damn. We traveled down the rabbit hole far too long.
ICHABOD: I am afraid so. The balance between good and evil is at stake.
SCOTT: No arguing there, Sherlock. My boss was beheaded by that freak. I demand answers and find out what the hell is going on.
ICHABOD: I do wonder, though, if your boss knew something more. Does your sheriff have files on the Headless Horseman?
SCOTT: Hell if I know. Why?
ICHABOD: We need his notes and perhaps figure out how to prevent the "End of Days".
SCOTT: "End of Days"?
ICHABOD: I'll explain later. Right now, we need those notes and go back to the forest to find that tome.
SCOTT: I thought this was going to be easy as pie, we’re in for worse trouble than what we asked for.
ICHABOD: Easy as pie…? What kind of phrase is that?
SCOTT: Forget it. Let’s get to the station.

Performance #397
Sardan Shikami Tazel


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