From the creator of the Furry Basketball Association

A Sow's Ear: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

RICHMOND: Brooke! Bet you're proud of yourself, aren't you?
BROOKE: I have a right to be.
RICHMOND: Swine Investments is looking through our books right now. What do you think they're going to see when they find this on the balance sheet?
BROOKE: That we give loans to anyone who meets our requirements. That we don't discriminate.
RICHMOND: Get your feral mind around the big picture. When they spot this, they're not going to see an investment. They're going to see a charity.
BROOKE: You think they'll pull the merger over a single loan.
RICHMOND: Because of what it represents, yellow-eyes. They're going to wonder where else do we pass out free money. They'll go deeper, looking at the last 20 years, 30, 40 of balance sheets.
BROOKE: So what?
RICHMOND: So we miss the window. The merger gets postponed until after the quarterly report, and the whole deal goes belly up.
BROOKE: That family gets to eat tonight, Richmond. And you're crying over lost dividends.
RICHMOND: I'm crying over the jobs and dreams that were depending on this merger happening on schedule.
BROOKE: So you want the poor to die out so the rich can get richer. Here's a bigger picture for you, Richmond. Check your halo. It's getting rusty.

Performance #351
Kampfer Raion

Performance #394
Torrent IV Darkfur Marlfox


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