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Top Dog: Scene 2

Written by Carrizo

Foo-Foo is determined to take ownership of Princess' stock holdings, many of which are tied to the saluki's position in the company. So when Princess seeks investors to help secure her executive post, that just won't do. When she learns the saluki is hosting a ball at the city's most elegant venue to help attract money from the county's wealthiest domestics, she hatches a plan to arrive uninvited with an intolerable guest. At the opening of the scene, Foo-Foo has just strolled through the front doors. Suspecting she would arrive, Princess rushes her, immediately getting between Foo-Foo and the guests before she can speak to them, totally not noticing the hyena slipping in behind her.
PRINCESS: Impatient, furious, won't let anyone stand in her way. Obstacles are to be dealt with quickly and severely, no matter how it makes you appear.
FOO-FOO: Confident, spiteful, always in control. Highly driven, but believe everything needs to be done with grace and good planning. Wouldn't think of stooping to full anger.
PRINCESS: Foo-Foo. What a surprise.
FOO-FOO: Princess. Well, I hadn't planned on coming.
PRINCESS: Good. I hadn't invited you.
FOO-FOO: But when I heard about your new investors, well, I had to come congratulate you.
PRINCESS: They haven't invested yet.
FOO-FOO: I like to be early.
PRINCESS: This party is for the investors, Foo-Foo.
FOO-FOO: Oh, I get to meet them. Even better.
PRINCESS: You stay away, you miniature Samoyed. I know what you're trying to do. Once those investments are secured, you can be certain, our stock will be so high, you'll be lucky if we don't end up buying your holdings by decade's end.
FOO-FOO: Princess, I am appalled.
PRINCESS: Don't think for a moment you're the only one eyeing a takeover, Foo-Foo.
FOO-FOO: No, not that. "Miniature Samoyed"? Really, that's hitting below the belt. You're lucky my escort isn't here. He'd be furious.
PRINCESS: You brought an escort?
FOO-FOO: By the dessert table, speaking with whom I believe is one of your investors.
PRINCESS: A Dalmatian mix?
FOO-FOO: Oh, Princess. You are just unreasonable with these insults. [PAUSE] Hyena.
PRINCESS: You fucking bitch.
FOO-FOO: That's more like it.

Performance #336
Sammy Fox Monster

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Rooshoes Jyuuni Claimur


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