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Projects: The Smiling Sleuth

Big Apple's most well-known private investigator is Jack Tracker, while Thomas Tracker is his not-so-well-known half-brother who's worked every type of menial job under the sun just to try to develop a career as a comedian. Usually the young bloodhound would get financial assistance from his more successful older brother, but on one visit to his office Thomas finds Jack slumped over his desk quite dead with no obvious signs of foul play. Suddenly thrust into the dark world hidden within the city's streets, the joker must use his wits and his humor (and a lot of luck and help) to solve the mystery of his brother's death.
Artwork coming soon!

The Smiling Sleuth: Scene 1

Written by Stevie Maxwell


Male Bloodhound


Female Jackal

Thomas has been startled by knocking at the office door, and rushes into stuffing the body of his dead brother in the cabinet that houses the pull-down Murphy bed. Sitting at his brother's desk, he indicates that the door is unlocked and that he is ready.

The Smiling Sleuth: Scene 2

Written by Stevie Maxwell


Male Basset Hound


Male Bloodhound

Thomas has gone in the rain to the gated retirement community of Wild Acres to look up his brother's old partner Benjamin Vessit to not only relay the bad news but to also recruit his help with investigating his brother's demise.


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