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Projects: The Second Pig War

Roger Gagnon is a humble Canadian moose happily supporting his wife and two calves with a good job selling oil equipment over the border. But when the United States elects a brash, unstable, immigrant-hating pig as their next President, things rapidly change. Now a simple business trip will turn into a insane, politically-fueled war between the richest nation on Earth and one lone moose just trying to get back to his family.
Illustrated by Rhandi Fisher
Illustrated by Rhandi Fisher

The Second Pig War: Scene 1

Written by Carrizo


Male Pig


Male Moose

Gagnon has traveled by train across the American border hundreds of times, and it's all been quite rote. Until today. In his first trip since the new President's anti-immigration orders, the unlucky moose encounters an American pig immigrations officer all too ready to enforce the new laws as he sees fit.