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The Wanderers: Scene 1

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

The destruction of their homeworld still fresh in their minds, the crew of the Canopy have been trying in vain to find a place to land, to at least establish a temporary base while Captain Gorin Horgrath plans the next move. It's been thirteen sun-cycles (days) since the Canopy has been able to spot a planet to land, and worse yet, their thrusters have been damaged by a recent asteroid colllision. The captain has called in Mijon Jinix, the chief ship engineer, to discuss the engine situation, and the two get into a heated discussion about the viability of Horgrath's plan.
JINIX: Early twenties. Ship engineer and resident pessimist. Desperate to survive, and quickly succumbing to thoughts of mutiny.
HORGRATH: Late forties. Captain of the 'Canopy' ship. Gruff, trying to keep discipline in a worsening situation. Can't let anyone know he's terrified that his crew won't survive the next few weeks of searching.
JINIX: Reporting as ordered, “Captain”.
HORGRATH: I know what you're going to say, Lieutenant. Save your breath.
JINIX: You don't want to hear about our nearly obliterated thruster modules?
HORGRATH: Jinix, do you have ANY good news to share with me at all?
JINIX: I don't do good news, Horgrath.
HORGRATH: That's CAPTAIN to you! Just tell me you can fix them!
JINIX: Not without ionic metalloids. So what now, 'leader'?
HORGRATH: Hmm - we have inertia from our last boost carrying us for now. If we need to, you can strip out one of the food producer grids to give you metal for your thrusters. Should last about five sun cycles..
JINIX: Wait - you're taking away our FOOD?
HORGRATH: I'd rather be able to land and scavenge. We can last a whole moon-risefall without food. We'll use that as a last resort.
JINIX: You've doomed us, Horgrath! We're NOT going to find another habitable planet,and you know it!
HORGRATH: Stow your muzzle, Lieutenant, or I'll have your fuzzy tail thrown in the brig!
JINIX: Yeah? And who will fix your precious thrusters then? Nobody knows them better than me!
HORGRATH: I'LL do it if I have to! I'm not going to let my team start panicking, and if that means locking you up to prevent a riot, make no mistake I WILL!
JINIX: You do, and it'll be the last mistake you make, “Captain”.
HORGRATH: If I can keep us alive, then it's worth every bad decision I've ever made. Including promoting you. Dismissed, “Lieutenant”!

Performance #409
Corvus Ogre

Performance #426
Gen Tarotway Rengare Wolfe


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