From the audio director of Kaze: Winds of Change

The Wanderers: Scene 2

Written by Tazel Sixpaws

Jinix, after being threatened by Captain Horgrath during their argument, decides to take matters into his own paws. The squirrel starts secretly sowing seeds of distrust in fellow crew members, inciting them into a mutiny. Ta'ina, the ship doctor, has been eating in the galley when Jinix sits down and shares his plan, hoping for her support.
TA'INA: Early thirties. Ship's doctor and counselor. Is not happy about the current situation, but still supports Horgrath for the most part. Steadfast in her opinions, and measured in her replies.
JINIX: Early twenties. Ship engineer and resident pessimist. Desperate to survive, and quickly succumbing to thoughts of mutiny.
TA'INA: I don't recall asking you to join me, Jinix.
JINIX: Ta'ina. Is that any way to treat someone you swung with in the Capitol's Arberetum?
TA'INA: Swung. Past tense. Before I found out how full of yourself you were.
JINIX: Good to see you too. So. You enjoying that Fruitleaf sandwich?
TA'INA: As much as can be expected. Why are you bothering me?
JINIX: If Horgrath has his way, that's the last sandwich you'll ever have.
TA'INA: What in Undersoil are you talking about?
JINIX: Did you know he's planning on stripping our food fabricator for parts just so he can look for another day or two for some fool place to land?
TA'INA: So? We can go a week without food, Jinix. Our physiology is...
JINIX: Don't you understand? The Captain has lost his mind! He thinks we're still going to find our magic grove of trees on some planet somewhere, and he'll kill us all to make his point!
TA'INA: You're exaggerating. Now leave me alone.
JINIX: I would hope the ship's 'medical specialist' might be able to see it for what it is! Besides, I already talked to the other engineers and some of the pilots. They feel the same way.
TA'INA: [HUSHED VOICE] I could turn you in for mutiny RIGHT NOW, Jinix! And I wouldn't lose one bit of sleep over it!
JINIX: How many people have you treated for injuries due to equipment malfunctions in the last few sun-cycles?
TA'INA: [BEAT] Too many to count, I'll admit.
JINIX: You know why? He's pushing us past our limits, and the ship is falling apart! I know! I have to keep slapping spit and twigs on the damn thing to keep the walls from blowing out!
TA'INA: Or you simply don't like him, and you want his job. You always were a self centered squirrel.
JINIX: [HUSHED VOICE] I want us to survive, Ta'ina! If it means taking a crazy lemur out of command, then that's what I'll do!
TA'INA: And you expect the rest of us to blindly follow you as captain, like you were the city guardian-seer, sent from above the canopy to deliver us from destruction?
JINIX: Look, Ta'ina - I don't want to argue that right now, I just need to know - when the time comes, will you support the crew, or an insane tyrant?
TA'INA: IF the time comes, I will make that determination, though I fear your solution would have the same effect. Now GOODBYE, Jinix
JINIX: [BEAT] Enjoy your sandwich.
TA'INA: As soon as you leave. Goodbye, Jinix.

Performance #436
Jyoo C Froot Nicholai Gaul

Performance #446
Amaracol Canis Basks

Performance #507
Karn Dragon Krys

Performance #541
Luprand Iron Paws


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